Fruits market in China town, Sai Gon ( Vietnam trip, part 4).

On a trip to Saigon by bus from my parents house in the country I stopped by a fruit market in China town. It's located right next to the bus station in Mekong Delta routes. The fertile soil of Mekong Delta is not only famous for producing rice but also yields some of the sweetest, most delicious tropical fruits. The fruits at the market are fresh and cheap as they are carried by bus which is very inexpensive for locals. We always carry fruits with us when we travel for something to eat, to kill time, to socialize. Fruits is part of everyday life in Vietnam and you will find them everywhere and all year round. 

A young man making pork patties for his stuffed Banh Mi, making joke with his neighbour fruit sellers. The place is colorful and full of laughter and joy.

It's still early morning and the place is still quiet which is great for me to explore. 

Two men are loading the young banana leaves to a bike. Some dishes have to be wrapped by banana leave and it gives the dish beautiful flavor. I hope they keep this tradition instead of using plastic wraps which is growing rapidly in Vietnam for the cheap cost.

   Dragon fruits is on season and there are two kind, red and white flesh. They are cheap and so refreshing, packed with nutrients.

 There are many varieties of fruits and you never run out of choices.

Two women are packing an durian. Durian is described as the most stinky fruits for tourists, and it banned in some places like hotel and airport yet it is the most loved fruit for Vietnamese and all over South East Asia. 

Guava, rambutan, king orange ( terracotta orange) with green color, lychee, etc..

I left the place with 1 banh mi from the young man and a young fresh coconut from that lady in red hat for my lunch which were  so delicious, satisfying and refreshing. They were perfect for me to get more energy to continue my trip in Sai Gon for the day.