Chinese grilled chicken wings ( serve 3).

Summer is coming and I have this recipe for BBQ which is very simple and flavorful.  It goes nicely with any kind of salad and some lemonade. 


10 big chicken wings ( I always try to find free range, they are much nicer in taste and texture).
For seasoning you will need:
1 table spoon cooking wine( or you can use other kind of white wine).
2 table spoon oyster sauce.
2 table spoon soy sauce.
1 table spoon dark soy sauce.
2 tea spoons honey ( sometimes I used palm sugar instead and it's very nice and distinctive flavor).
1 tea spoon Chinese 5 spices.
1 inch of fresh ginger. 


Use a cleaver or heavy knife to cut the wings into small pieces
Hold the down side of the wing and press it. By this way you can stretch the wing straight and makes it easy to cut.
Aim at the joint of the tip of the wing and the middle part and cut it.
Discard this top part of the wing.
Then do the same cut for the other joint.


Crush the ginger and then mix all the seasonings and a pinch of salt together.
Add in a bit of chili power if you like it hot. Mix into the chicken wings and leave them in the fridge to marinade up to 3 days or you can cook them anytime.
If you like the wings a bit sticky add 1 tea spoon of corn flour before grilling and mix all well together.

Turn the over to 200 degree. Place the chicken wings on ovenproof papers and cook for 30 minutes until golden brown. 

It also could be grilled at medium low heat. 

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