Thai green curry with chicken ( serve 4).

You can cook the green curry the same way as the red curry recipe  but I prefer the curry to retain it's green chili flavour  so I avoid the frying step and add it straight into the coconut milk. I used chicken thigh instead of chicken breast because the chicken thigh is way more flavorful and it absorbs the curry nicely.

Thai red curry ( serve 4).

I visited Thailand few times and I had taste the freshly made Thai curry with wonderful aroma from local ingredients. Thai curry paste is made from pounding a combination of fresh herbs: fresh lemongrass, fresh galangal, kaffir lime leaves, kaffir lime peels, shallots, dried and fresh chili, shrimp paste.  I won't attempt to recreate that curry paste because the ingredients are not available here in Ireland and the paste from the jar pretty close to the authentic Thai curry paste I had in Thailand.