Cork, my new home.

A field at Sandy Cove, Kinsale summer 2015.

After 7 years living in Limerick I have decided to move to Cork city for a new beginning and a high hope of more opportunities for my job. It had 6 months before the move out of the house in Bruff, a huge change for my kids so I spent time to talk and explained to them about this major change that I believe for good.
With help from my Bruff neighbors I relocated in Cork in summer 2014 and I spent that summer with my kids, took them around Cork to nice places before school started on September. It wasn't an easy process, I wouldn't have made it without help from wonderful friends in Cork and we have been living here for more than a year and love Cork. Kids finally adapt to the new place and they are happy in their new school with more friends from different nationalities. 

Cork is a beautiful and exciting place with so many things to do. There are many amazing farmer markets in Cork, I checked them all out and gained weight after few months but I couldn't resist those wonderful food. I still haven't made it to West Cork, the best place for food in Cork and that keeps my excitement going. I live near Douglas and all the supermarkets are so close by. That makes my job much easier since I have a habit of collecting all the ingredients for my class from almost 5 different supermarkets to make sure I have the best. I have more private clients from Irish to German and it's expanding.

Cork is amazing in every way.

Stunning Sandy Cove. 

View of Cork city from the top of Frankfield on a summer day 2015.

View of the park where I live in winter.