7 years teaching cooking at Crescent College Comprehensive.

I started my job as an Asian cooking instructor at Crescent College Comprehensive, Limerick in 2008 until 2014. When I moved to Cork, has been an amazing journey. I miss that school where I met so many wonderful people.  I learned about Irish food and many things about Irish culture. It's usually autumn and spring cooking courses ran for 10 weeks each term. We always had so much fun that I often had members asking me to run a continuation class for next term so that everyone can meet and enjoy being in a class together again. Classes were demos, I had recipes ready for members to collect at the door, I would do the cooking and everyone just enjoyed each other company. There was so much laughter, fun and we share life stories, traveling and anything. After 10 weeks, everyone grew to know each other so well and it's always hard to say goodbye at the end for me.  I made friends in my class and still meet them sometimes for coffee every time they are in Cork or I am back to Limerick for a visit.

There was one story about the last day of my spring course, it happened to be the first week in April and it's the first warm and beautiful sunny day of the year. From my class of 12, only one showed up, I carried on my work and my only member got the entire food taken away that night. Who can blame them for the kind of weather we have here in Ireland.

I've learned that food is fundamental, it brings love, brings people together and it gives me so much since I set foot here in Ireland. It helps me to blend in, it connects me with people, it brings understanding and so much love. I have received from food and my food journey keeps going strong.

Exciting moment: deep frying fresh egg noodles.

Everyone favourite part: testing the result and I could relax, watching everyone enjoying the food with laughter and we all have a great chat about the dishes and what I will cook for next lesson. My answer is always: you will find out then.

Result of one night lessons: cutting pineapple, chicken cashew and crispy egg noodle with prawns and veggies.