Food Hour Community radio, Cork city, Ireland.

Last summer I made a trip back to Vietnam with my kids. It had been almost 8 years since last time they visited Vietnam and we had great time spending with my family. I will make few posts about our trip here soon with all the yummy food we had in Vietnam, the people, the fruits and everything else so please stay tune. 

We spent 6 weeks in Vietnam and went back to Ireland on August. I were thrilled to get an email from Elka for a radio talk show. I felt so nervous when the days coming closer. The station located at River Lee hotel with beautiful view and Elka made me so welcomed. I spent an hour there feeling so comfortable sharing about my journey in Ireland, about food, about my classes and everything else revolves around food. 

Food has been bringing me so much joy, it gives me opportunity connecting to Irish people and so much more. 

Stay tune for more food posts from me.