Coconut snack( Vietnam trip part 2).

During my holiday in Vietnam I stayed at a lovely 3 stars family run hotel, I had a chance to capture this lovely moment of the staff having a snack together. It was Tuesday and very few guests were staying so most of staff was doing the cleaning in the garden together. The men took over the duty to take care of this young coconut tree that produces lots of fruit. After everything was done every one sat down together to enjoy the coconut they got from the tree. It's lovely to see how people work and enjoy simple things together.

 Falling coconuts can cause serious injuries so those two men trying to remove the fruits to keep it safe for guests. Can you spot the second man? 
smile emotico

Young coconut juice are drained into the red ice box.

He is a quiet and hard working man, kept working from beginning to end with not many words spoken and he was the last one to leave after everything is cleaned up.

I was so curious to find out what those flesh would be used for. They said it's delicious to go with chicken casserole.

They spent more than an hour to talk, enjoy the coconuts snack with so much laughters at the corner of the garden. Notice the way they are sitting, no chair and right on the floor. Later on they sent one coconut to my room for me. It's so wonderful to receive that gift from them. 

On the other side of the hotel is this beautiful swimming pool looks up the mountain with a temple that we visited everyday during out stay.